Arrival Series

“Ten thousand years ago, as hunter-gatherers, we lived a sustainable life because that was the only option. All these years later, it’s once again the only option.”

Sir David Attenborough

In order to bring attention to the beautiful natural world, I began this series “Arrival” which is an exaggerated depiction of the plush environment found in the Mid Atlantic by the Europeans. Many explorers wrote letters home describing the free-flowing waters, large numerous trees, and prolific variety of plants. My goal with these paintings is to increase environmental awareness by celebrating the sustainable life led by the Middle Atlantic region’s indigenous people.

110” X 55” collage/oil on canvas

Arrival I shows the many European powers vying to get possession of the thriving land, including the Dutch, French, Spanish, English, Swedish, and Portuguese.

Arrival II: Butterflies
Arrival III: Birds
Arrival IV: Plants
Arrival V: Trees
Arrival VI : Yellow Butterflies

(All these paintings are 48 X 36 oil on canvas)

Arrival VII
Arrival VIII