Water & Land

In these paintings, I use a technique in which enamel house paint is dripped and poured onto the canvas. The random mixing and movement of the paint mimic the unpredictable flow of natural waterways. 

The path a stream or river takes in a landscape fascinates me, and the paintings are created as a map showing the relationship between the land and water.

Chesapeake Bay 110” X 55” enamel on canvas
Breton Bay, McIntosh Run, Potomac River, Md 48” X 60” enamel on canvas
Chesapeake Bay circa 1650 : English lands in Gold 50” X 66” enamel on canvas
St Marys County Md circa 1650: English lands in Gold 50 X 66 enamel on canvas
Dillon Reservoir , Colorado (Commission) 70″ X 55″ enamel on canvas
As Long as the Geese Fly (Forgotten Promises) 112 ” X 57″ collage /oil/enamel on canvas